About Letalis

Letalis is an exciting RPG game that draws inspiration from the Nuzlocke Mode in the Pokemon and Souls franchises. The game revolves around Letalis, which is the term used for the warriors in the game's world, derived from the Latin word "Lethal."

Players must build a team of fierce Letalis warriors whose sole purpose is to battle for glory. The primary goal of the player is to conquer each of the four Colosseums and become a Caesar to gain access to managing their own Colosseum.

We are a team of two, Rodrigo Collavo on programming and Julian Castro on art and GD.

Our goal remains to release Letalis between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024 on Steam, consoles and mobile.

Letalis Universe

Letalis is set in a fictional universe mixing Mediterranean culture from 8th/10th Centuries BC.

There are five main towns with its own Colosseum and Caesar. Players must hire and train a Letalis team in order to overcome each Colosseum challenge and earn their badges. After earning their fourth badge they get the Caesar’s Title and gain access the power to manage their own Colosseum to defend against contenders.

Players can explore the world going beyond this contained limits, gaining access to dungeons with challenges to overcome and discovering new Letalis types to recruit - such zones includes the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, Medusa’s Dungeon, Pirate’s Hideout, Dragon's Lair, Forgotten Crypts, Giant’s Valley, Vampire’s Castle and many more!

We keep adding content to extend our vast world.

Why the GB aesthetics?

Rodrigo and Julian met in 2012 while both were working at Jam City.

In November/December 2021 Rodrigo contacted Julian inviting him to join a GB Game Jam team - Rodrigo was eager to create a GB game from scratch!
While the GJ team did not succeed, it was enough to kickoff the idea of creating a more ambitious project, Letalis.

We began working on the combat system, which we strongly believe will bring some fresh air to a dusty classic. Development ran smoothly during the first two months, but even when GB limitations were fun to struggle with, they began to complicate us with silly problems like screen refresh. At that moment, with no hesitation, we decided to move to Unity, taking a break of every GB constraint in favor of a better game. That being said, we are keeping most of GB's limitations in consideration to keep the retro feeling.

Moving forward as a part-time job

Even with some hiatus in the middle of production - one of us move to a different country, and both change jobs in the middle - our goal is still to have a release candidate before 2024! Fingers crossed!