Colosseum: Joinig a Match
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Colosseum: Joinig a Match

Another Friday, Another Post!

With the Vertical Slice on the way, and since the GDD is really outdated (my bad), I will use the post to explain the Player's Flow joining a Colosseum Combat and what happen after the fight, in each of its possible outcomes - something we do need for Letalis VS.  

Speak with the Caesar

To access the Colosseum Matches, the player needs to interact with the Caesar. Most of the time the Caesar will be there, waiting for the player, while others it will be missing, requiring the player to look for them in the map, helping them in a quest to bring them back to their position. When this happens, another NPC will hint the player to find the Caesar on the map.

Match Board

Players can navigate left and right the different fights. Some of them are locked, requiring the player to beat another event in order to play them.

Matches does not show that much information about the opponents, besides their aesthetics (which does not mean that much) and their Rank, which should help players to have an idea of the Rank they need for their Letalis team to have a successful fight.

Rules can vary between fight types, here are the main ones
*SPARRING - no Letalis is killed after the fight, neither ranks up
*G.O.D. [stands for Glory or Death] Letalis, from any team, who reach zero HP are killed
But they are not the only ones! DUEL, HEROIC, WILD are some of the other fight types we have! You can use your imagination to figure it out! (or simply wait for another post of me explaining how each of these modes work).

Rewards vary according to combat difficulty. Players will only get a Reward to play at least two times the next unlocked combat type in the Colosseum.

After selecting a combat, the player can JOIN to confirm. If they do not have enough CROWNS (aka $$$ Letalis Money $$$), we display a message to the player.
When JOINING a Transition Animation is triggered and the Battle Begins!!!

After Combat

No reference image for this Stem! Player is sent back to the Colosseum , facing the Caesar, who will drop a couple of lines according to the battle result.

On Victory! Players unlock a new fight type at the Colosseum, unless it was the last one, in that case, the Player Conquers the Colosseum, earning a Badge as proof for the achievement!

Closing Comments

An straight forward flow, which still need more design for the Match Board. What is important, we are getting closer and closer to have every game feature working! Kudos to us!