GDC 2023
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GDC 2023

We are happy to announce we will be at San Francisco this year!

The clock is ticking, with around 30 days to go, we are giving our best for having Letalis Vertical Slice as soon as possible. All pieces are there, we are focusing on polishing to deliver the most acurate version of what the game will be.

Letalis Vertical Slice will include:
*New Game Introduction
*Hero Customization: Avatar and Name Input
*A Single Town with a Colosseum
*Weapon Shop
*Letalis Shop
*Letalis Vault (to store Letalis)
*Game Economy
*Equipment System
*Save/Load Function
*Colosseum Matches functionality
*Combat System
*Rank Up System
*Permadeath System
*Dialog System
*Placeholder BGMs and SFXs
*End Condition (Win the Main Colosseum Battle Event)

No much more for this entry. Eager to be back in San Francisco! Since my previus GDC was before the pandemic. If you are around GDC or Game Connection, do not hessitate to contact us!

letalisgame at