Blog: Social Networks
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Blog: Social Networks

This week we not only keep polishing the game while adding new features, we also (finally) create an schedule to post content in Social Networks.

We decided to go with
Twitter -
Instagram -

If you are reading this... FOLLOW US!!

I'm having a hard time keeping this weekly blog posts, Twitter and Instagram will be no different. Lucky for me, Rodrigo took the bullet and will be handling them. We still have to define which dates to post, but the content schedule is there!

And speaking about content, this week we also create our first teaser. The teaser is measing a disclaimer: "We know how to make game, but have no idea on trailers!"

On the bright side, I improve my skills with Adobe Premiere, but that was my best with it haha. Enjoy!

And just for fun, here is a previous iteration of it, different music, additional footage (also, a bit laggy)

I'm afraid to share the first versions of it lol

Baking our Vertical Slice. I'm still confident we will have it by the end of this month / first days or March.

Stay Hydrated!