World: Traveling Circus
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World: Traveling Circus

I miss last week post (again ñ.ñ)

For a weekly update, Rodrigo has made TON of improvements. And the truth is we are polishing everything more and more to get the best possible build to share.
There is still a lot to do, but also, a lot that is DONE!

One of those things, that is also driving me crazy with iterations, is the Traveling Circus.

We still did not define HOW the circus will move around the map, but that is what is going to happen! And of course, Clowns and all the circus gang will be available Letalis to hire, equip, promote and even fuse!

Circus combat will be different from Colosseum matches, or even random encounters on the map, instead of fighting to death, at the Circus you have to use your Letalis to perform, charming the crowd! Better your performance, better the rewards and crowns you get from the participation.

The Traveling Circus is one of the many events we are scattering around the map without a fixed location. It is the best tool we have to make the World feel alive.

Offtopic: I bet you did not tell that all the clowns have a different idle animation. We will probably stick with the one on the left which not only is the last iteration of it, but also the most fluid!