Blog: Road to the Demo!
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Blog: Road to the Demo!

WHAT A WEEK! Endless, but with a LOT of improvements!

I'm happy to say we are close to having a shareable demo to test the core game flow, with the Main Town, the Letalis Shop and the Colosseum!!

We also started to nail some of the UI screens for the different shops and Colosseum Events, they still need some polishing, but they work for now.

Right now I'm shooting in the dark with the game economy and attack values, eager to play a battle with them! The goal is for even fights (similar letalis levels in both teams) to last between 3 to 5 turns - fingers crossed! And if it does not work, balancing is part of the fun! :)

Just to share some visuals, here is the intro v1, I took inspiration from the intros of Pokemon and Street Fighter.