World: Minimap
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World: Minimap

It is no secret that I'm using Pokemon Green/Red/Blue as reference for many things for our art direction, from large sprite size to menu layouts. Sadly, one of those was not the minimap.

It is imposible not to compare Letalis with Pokemon or Dark Souls franchizes, bot are strong inspirations.

Our map ended up being huge, every time you feel you are about to complete to explore the map, there is ALWAYS more!

Back to the minimap, GameFreaks was clever with Pokemon! You can tell they had a couple of meetings to discuss how to create the world layout to make a minimap work. This was not our case!

It is really hard, almost imposible, to represent the right location in crowded map translated into 160x144. Far from elegant as Pokemon, and with a bit of luck, we manage to express the worldmap with no troubles or key information loss.  

For sure the map will evolve, but here is the first iteration, comparing its size with Pokemon Green/Red/Blue

And then, our minimap, pretty accurate right?

I will force myself to post every friday! We had a long hiatus, but the game is advanced and not far from its completion.  

Keep you posted!