Combat Anatomy: Skill Names
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Combat Anatomy: Skill Names

Combat Anatomy: Skill Names

While we moved away from the tiles per row limitation imposed by the strict GB development constraints, we did keep our tile size and position limited to the 8x8 grid, which helped us not only to keep the retro look but also aid us with the screen composition.

Artwise, these limitations were never something to struggle but on the design size we hit a wall: skill names.

With the current UI design, mostly inspired by Pokemon, skill names cannot have more than five characters length, restricting us a lot for a game that is planning to have +50 different skills.

But like many restrictions, this one bringed us room for creative solutions, which was to have our skill to be unlocked by the equipped weapon and Letalis rank level.

Each of our three rows for skills now correspond to something:

*First row: Main Weapon - left basic skill - right advanced skill
*Second row: Offhand Weapon - left basic skill - right advanced skill
*Third row: destined for the Special Skills - left Letalis Fighting Style - right Letalis Personality trait.

Thanks to this, now we can control the position of some skills that have room for an additional character for its name! Does not seem like much, but it is!!!